Laptop (PC or Mac?) or Tablet?
It’s up to you!

Here are some things to consider.

Technology is an important and necessary tool for your college experience — and we’re often asked about what to bring to college. While the final decision is up to you, here are some thoughts as you prepare for your first semester at Hastings College.

First, consider your learning preferences — how do you like to take notes or read digital books and write papers? If you’re used to a laptop, a new or newer laptop may be the best option for you. But if you have access to a newer and powerful tablet (like a newer iPad), pairing that with a bluetooth keyboard may be an option. 


Do you need a new laptop? Not necessarily, but one that is no more than four years old is best, as it will run better and meet wireless specs. (A newer machine with a manufacturer warranty is always a good idea if possible.) Both PCs and Macs are acceptable and provide the access you need as long as they meet some basic specs shown below.  

What about a Chromebook? 

While Chromebooks are great for basic web-based applications, they often are not enough for required homework systems or software applications. As such, we do not recommend them as your primary device.

Do we have computer labs? 

Yes! We provide computers with different types of software in several labs. You can see a list here

Can we do repairs? 

Our IT Helpdesk is great with basic troubleshooting but unfortunately cannot repair student computers. 

Duo (two-factor authentication)

Access to Hastings College accounts requires two-factor authentication through Duo. You will need a smartphone or a secondary wifi-enabled device for this. If you don’t have a smartphone or additional device, our IT Department has an authentication token generator available for purchase.


Google Workplace for Education is our primary software suite. It includes email, calendar, Google Drive, and more. We also provide Microsoft 365 for no additional cost. Some courses may have specific software requirements, which, if applicable, will be in the required course materials listing.

Questions? Email for assistance.