iPad Return and Buy-Out Information

Any full-time student who was issued an iPad Bundle and who is leaving the school may have the option to purchase or keep their device and accessories. Once purchased, HC will remove all management software and HC apps. The iPad, Pencil, charging brick, cable and the remaining AppleCare+ policy are then yours to do with as you wish. 

For your iPad Buyout Price quote  - please contact helpdesk@hastings.edu

**Students entering HC as FY (first year freshmen) in Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020 or Fall 2020 are eligible to keep their iPads upon Graduation. **

For all other students and transfers, pricing  and buyout options subject to change depending on market and availability. 

AppleCare+ policy was included with each device bundle. Remaining policy coverage will depend upon student use while assigned.

Returning your iPad - for those not choosing the buy-out option:

Please be sure to follow these directions (including removing your passcode)  before bringing your iPad in to return. We highly recommend backing up your data to either iCloud or Google Drive before wiping your device. The final check-in should take less than 5 minutes at our Helpdesk in Perkins. Bring your iPad, boxes, charger brick, USB-C cable and Pencil. Please contact helpdesk@hastings.edu to set up a quick appointment to return your equipment.

FAQ - iPad Purchase and Return 

Do I have to purchase my iPad?

No - it's your choice whether or not you purchase your iPad Bundle when you leave HC.

If you choose to return your iPad Bundle, you will not be charged the depreciated value of your device. If you do not return all items listed below and originally assigned to you, you will be charged for the current replacement value of what is missing.

What do I need to do if I’m not planning on buying out my iPad?

If you’re leaving HC (graduating or withdrawing) and will be returning your iPad, please backup your data and follow these instructions to remove your passcode before returning your iPad Bundle to the IT Helpdesk. We highly suggest making an appointment so that we’re available for the 5 minute process.

Will I be charged if I return my iPad with damage to it?

Yes - you will be charged a $49 repair fee for turning in a damaged iPad assuming you still have available AppleCare+ coverage. However, if you purchase your iPad, you have the choice to repair it or not.

What if I can’t find my charging brick, USB-C cable or my Apple Pencil?

Return your iPad itself. If you do not return all items listed below and originally assigned to you, you will be charged for the current replacement value of what is missing.

The current (2019) cost of the block is $29, the cord is $9, and the pencil is $119. The other option is buying an Apple authorized replacement product at the bookstore or online and submitting that instead.

Can I make payments towards the purchase of my iPad?

No - If you choose to purchase your iPad Bundle, it must be paid in full using cash, check, or credit card. If you are paying with a personal check, please allow 5 business days for the check to clear before you’re able to take your iPad - plan accordingly (pay early.)

What happens if I don't purchase and just leave with my iPad?

If you graduate or withdraw from HC and keep your iPad Bundle without going through the purchase process, you'll also be assessed a $100 management fee in addition to the depreciated cost of the iPad Bundle.

If I purchase my iPad, will it continue to be managed by Hastings College?

No - once we have proof of payment, your iPad will be taken out of the Hastings College Management System. You will also lose access to any HC-purchased apps at that time. Be sure you backup your data if you are planning on purchasing your own version of Notability, etc...

Do I still have coverage on my iPad if I purchase it?

Yes, your device is covered with 3 years of AppleCare+ from the date of its original purchase by Hastings College.  This coverage will cover up to 3 accidental damage repairs for $49.00 each incident. You may check the status of your coverage remaining by visiting https://checkcoverage.apple.com and entering your serial number. Your AppleCare+ policy stays with your device once purchased.

After I purchase my iPad, can I sell it?

Once purchased, you may do anything you'd like with your iPad! Don't forget that your device also includes whatever remaining AppleCare+ coverage you haven't already used.