Remote Teaching Resources

Note - Canvas is a fully-developed online platform with conferencing already available!

Given the increased load nationally due to online courses, please use this link to check the global status of Canvas as a platform before submitting a canvas-outage ticket.

The following resources include information about tools available and compatible with our current HC systems and equipment:

Resources for Faculty who need to convert courses to an online format:








-Canvas Discussion: "Maintaining he Connection of the Classroom"

-Canvas resource: "Tools for Online Learning when the Classroom Closes"



-Distance learning resources from Google

Canvas Essential Functions + Tips:

There is an issue with the Canvas student app and submitting content from Google. Please urge your students to fully update their iPad, and then use the Safari browser for submitting content on Canvas. Safari is the best option on the iPad for all things Canvas currently. Having this posted in your course, will minimize the amount of issues to sort out in a remote teaching environment.






-Canvas Conferences (Big Blue Button) Two different links here.

-Canvas Chat

-Canvas student help tutorials (this can be linked in your class)

As a faculty member you have access to the Canvas at HC faculty training course. This course has all of the features in Canvas that are available to our institution with tutorials and help guides. Here is a link directly to the course. Here is a link to the Canvas guides which can be very helpful.

iPad tips:

-Safari is a full fledged desktop browser on iPadOS. This means that if something doesn’t work properly in Google Chrome, try opening it in Safari.

-The iPad can be used to host Canvas Conferences and the Apple Pencil works with the embedded white board.

-You have more flexibility operating your Canvas course from the Safari Browser rather than the Canvas Teacher App or Google Chrome. The Canvas Conference feature utilizes the Safari Browser. If you find a feature or section of your course is missing while viewing it from the Canvas Teacher App, hop over to your browser for full access.

-Notability is normally a ten dollar note taking app that is free for all faculty and students. This app can be obtained at no cost through the “self-service” app that is installed on your iPad. Notability offers white boarding, note taking, presentations, and media creations. The note files can be sent via email or Google Drive to students or back to professors

-Finding information quickly on an iPad can be hastened by using the search feature.

-Most video creation tools on the iPad seamlessly integrate with Google Drive or Youtube allowing students to quickly and easily share media content.

-The Apple Book store can be a great source of free learning material for every native iPad app (Pages, Numbers, Safari, Keynote). To find this content go into the Apple Books app on your iPad. Select search and type a specific product, or type “Apple” to see the vast free resources available to you.

iPad Troubleshooting steps:

-If the iPad is frozen or not responding try resetting it. Hold the button on the top right of the device with the volume down button to do a shut down (Hold for 10+ seconds). To turn the iPad back on hold the same buttons and wait for the white Apple logo to appear in the center.

-If a service is not responding, check to make sure you’re fully signed in to your Wi-Fi.

-If an app is malfunctioning.

  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app

  • Try signing out of the app and signing back into the app (log your username out and back in)

  • Update your iPad system software. Then update the app after you have updated the system software.

    • In order to do a system update: Go to Settings > General, then tap Software Update

    • In order to update your apps:

      • Open the App Store, then tap Today at the bottom of the screen.

      • Tap your profile icon at the top of the screen.

      • Scroll down to see pending updates and release notes. Tap Update next to an app to update only that app, or tap Update All.

External Tools that can be used in an online environment for assignments/projects/assessments/engagement:

Please note some of these tools will require you or the students to utilize free trials or free versions of the product. These tools have been tested and used by Brad Davis. - Collaborative whiteboard - Website/portfolio building - Presentation/pictograph maker - Timeline creator - Timeline creator - Mindmapping tool - Collection of video creation tool links - Virtual science lab tool - Infographics - Free screen recording for Windows/Mac OS (not for iPad) - Video creation tool - discussion engagement tool - discussion engagement tool - Presentation/Assessment/Engagement tool (Darci Karr)

Amanda Solemn shared some great remote science resources listed below: