New Quizzes in Canvas

New Quizzes have been enabled on HC Canvas and you now have the choice when creating a quiz to choose from New or Classic Quiz engines. Canvas plans to depreciate Classic Quizzes late in 2022 and they continue to develop functionality and enhanced feature sets within New Quizzes.

You’ll find several helpful resources below regarding the transition timeline, development roadmap and New Quizzes user guides below should you be interested in beginning to work with New Quizzes. We will schedule formal workshop opportunities next Spring as we get closer to the transition deadline.

If you do choose to create a New Quiz assessment - please research the FAQ’s and test before assigning so you’re aware of any unanticipated behaviors or limitations within the feature sets.

Again - you can continue to use Classic Quizzes until Canvas no longer supports the platform. At some point in the next few years, however, you’ll be making the switch.