Faculty iPads and HC

The full-time faculty iPads are all 2018 11inch iPad Pros with Second Generation Apple Pencils.

NOTE: For the iPad Pro (faculty) models, it is HIGHLY suggested you choose a case that integrates the Pencil storage!

All iPads come with a 12W charger and USB-C cable. If you'd like to pick up an extra charger and/or cable to use with your iPad, our staff recommends the following options and brands:

  • Anker - a great option for almost anything - cables, chargers, stands... Amazon Basics also has some good options.

I'm an adjunct - can I use a HC iPad?

You bet! You are able to check out a 10.5 iPad Pro and Apple Pencil from our IT Helpdesk up to 10 calendar days before the start of any block in which you are teaching on-campus. If you are teaching consecutive blocks, we will work with you to arrange for a return date that makes sense for your schedule and allow access across consecutive blocks. Once done teaching, please return the equipment to our IT Helpdesk within 5 calendar days of the end of the term unless other arrangements have been made.

If you do invest in an additional cable/charger, take the time to mark it as yours with a sharpie or tag... (used washi tape in these images)

We have a few extra cables and chargers and other accessories available for short-term checkout through the IT Helpdesk at HSU.

Email sent to iPad users - 2/6/18

Subject Line: iPads and Apple Pencils available tomorrow - please read!

If you no longer are interested in having an iPad, please let us know so we can re-assign it to someone else.

Your iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are available for pickup tomorrow, Wednesday (2/7) at the HSU Helpdesk from 8:30 until 5pm and again on Friday (2/9) during the same hours.

You can take the iPad back to your office, a coffee-shop or home - anywhere you have wifi - to sign in. Our management software makes the sign-on simple - all you need to do is have your Apple ID ready to go and follow the on-screen prompts. Most of the signing on is standard Apple prompts - if you have an iPhone, you can even use it to accelerate the process if you’d like. When you get to the ‘this iPad is managed by HC” part, you’ll be asked to enter your HC credentials, use your username (not full email address) and password.

Once you’ve set up your iPad - you can then pair your Apple Pencil (insert the lightning cable end into the port on the iPad - carefully!) and click ‘pair.’ Our staff is happy to assist you with the sign-on process if you’d like.


  1. Please save both boxes and note that the Pencil box has an extra tip as well as a charging adapter. Don’t throw away the boxes..
  2. Please keep track of your chargers and cables - you might consider putting some colored tape or a sticker on yours to easily identify them ...
  3. Please use a protective case. Minor wear and tear is expected but can be prevented if you are careful and treat this device as the piece of glass and aluminium that it is - they break - be gentle!

WIRELESS PROJECTION: Wireless projection in the classrooms is currently planned for Spring Break - until then, you are not able to use the iPad for projecting. You can, however, use it for many other things…

WHAT APPS ARE HELPFUL?: We have an app called ‘SelfService’ that will install onto your iPad after you sign in. Inside this app, you’ll find some suggested apps that our team finds useful and you can download them directly from this app. You’ll also find an app called Notability that the college has purchased for you - you can download that app directly from SelfService. If you download Notability directly from the App Store and not from the SelfService app, you’ll have to pay for it yourself… so grab it from SelfService.

PURCHASING APPS: You are free to download any personally purchased apps (if you’re using an existing Apple ID) and, if you wish to have the college purchase any apps, please send me an email with that request. The college will NOT reimburse individuals for app purchases - all college app purchases need to be managed through IT.

TRAINING: We will have a couple of ‘get to know your iPad’ workshops upcoming - we are still working on those details. Until then, please use the Apple documentation and Tutorials or your colleagues or Google and start playing around with the technology.

We’re beyond excited to see what great things you do with this technology - please share your brilliant ideas and applications with us as we go forward. Challenge yourself to use the iPad (Notability app is great) instead of notepaper, to snap photos of your class, take attendance on the Canvas app, scan and sign documents… so many possibilities!