Digital Initiative FAQs

What is the HC Digital Initiative?

The Hastings College Digital Initiative is centered around transforming the student experience in today’s digital world. We recognize the importance and value the mindful use that technology brings both into and out of the classroom. Along with the Digital Bundle each student receives, Hastings College has invested significantly in our the technology of our campus, bringing everyone on campus high speed internet access, WiFi coverage in most indoor and outdoor spaces, and Apple TVs for ease of collaboration across all classrooms and most meeting spaces.

What is included in the Digital Initiative Bundle?

The Digital Initiative Bundle includes a iPad, Apple Pencil, all required books for your courses and a set of productivity and educational apps (including Notability) for use by students. Any books required for your courses are also included, free of charge, either digitally delivered on your iPad or physically picked up through the bookstore.

Am I being charged a fee for this bundle?

This bundle is included at no additional cost for ALL students of Hastings College.

What in the bundle is mine to keep?

Fall 2019 first year students who graduate from Hastings College may keep their iPad and Apple Pencil for no charge upon graduation.

New incoming students and all other returners may have the option to purchase their iPads and Pencils for a discounted price upon graduation. Buyout prices will be shared as students get close to graduation.

Is Hastings College now an Apple-only Campus?

No - while we are providing the opportunity for everyone at Hastings College to use Apple devices, we still have and support a wide variety of technology. The Google G-Suite of apps provides our students with unlimited cloud storage in Drive, and we are also a Microsoft 365 school with all students given free access to Microsoft Office on their personal devices (yes, this includes their iPads!)

Will I still need to purchase a laptop?

That is up to you and your area of study. Your iPad is a powerful tool so you can do what you need to do and more but some programs might require software not compatible with a tablet environment. Talk with your advisor - you have options.

Am I eligible for a Digital Initiative Bundle?

All full-time Hastings College students are eligible to receive an iPad bundle. Full-time status is determined by the registrar’s office (undergraduates taking between 12-18 credits during Fall or Spring terms.) If you are not enrolled in a future term (Fall or Spring) you will be required to return your assigned device and accessories within three (3) days of the end of the current term. Full-time students who have enrolled for the upcoming fall term may keep their iPads and accessories over the summer term.

Part time students, as determined by the Registrar’s Office, are eligible to check out an iPad bundle from the HelpDesk for the duration of their enrollment. Check-out can be scheduled up to 2 business days before the start of a block. If a part-time student is enrolled in consecutive blocks, they may keep their iPad through the enrolled blocks. If a part-time student is not enrolled for a block, they must return their equipment within 2 business days of the end of their last enrolled block. Part time students are not eligible to keep their devices during summer term unless enrolled in an on-campus course during Block 7 or 8. Exceptions to these eligibility guidelines are made at the discretion of the Chief Information Officer.

Full-time students:

Undergraduate - enrolled in at least 12 per term (Fall/Spring/Summer)

Graduate/MAT - enrolled in at least 9 credits per term

Part-time students:

Undergraduate - taking less than 12 credits per term

Graduate/MAT - taking less than 9 credits per term

Any student who is administratively withdrawn or elects to leave the college immediately loses their iPad eligibility and must return their bundle within 3 business days of losing eligibility. If you have been given a HC iPad as an employee or volunteer with the college, you are not eligible to receive another iPad as a student or visa versa.

Do I need to buy anything for my iPad?

Yes, we highly suggest you purchase a protective case! We’ll ask that you show up with a case before we hand you your iPad. Any other accessories, such as a keyboard or additional chargers and cables, are optional. Why require a case? You’ll be responsible for damage and repairs on your iPad and a protective case is the first step in keeping your iPad safe! Our campus bookstore will also stock Apple and other third-party accessories for purchase - whatever type of case you choose, be sure it's up for the challenge of protecting your iPad!

Do I need an Apple ID?

Yes - you will need a US-based Apple ID. If you already have a US-based Apple ID, you may use it - there is no need to get a new one. If you’ve forgotten your Apple ID or password, Apple has a recovery site that is helpful. By using your own Apple ID, you have access to any apps or iCloud storage already purchased. You do not need to associate a payment method to an Apple ID - no credit card required.

When will I be able to pick up my iPad and Pencil?

During Welcome Home (new student days) or during pre-season for fall athletes - so watch your HC email!

Who owns the devices?

Hastings College owns your iPad and Pencil until you graduate. At that time you may have the option to purchase or may be given your device. In those cases, we will remove our management software, any HC purchased apps and transfer ownership of the device to you.

Am I able to customize my device?

Yes! We want this to be yours - feel free to put your own apps, background and case on your iPad… a skin on your pencil and identifying tape on your charger. You’ll have access to change settings on your device to make it work the way you want. Our management software will keep your device updated and let us put HC purchased apps and your digital textbooks on there for you. If by customization you’re thinking jailbreaking - think again on that one. Our management software will prevent that from happening and even attempting to do so will violate your user agreement.

Can I check out an iPad or Pencil?

Part-time students are eligible to check out an iPad bundle - iPad and Pencil - from the IT Helpdesk if they are enrolled in a current block.

Full-time students may be given a ‘loaner’ device when their iPad is out for repair, or is lost or stolen

Can I purchase my iPad?

Depending on inventory and availability, we may offer students the option to purchase their iPad when leaving HC. This option will be determined by the Office of Information Technology and anyone interested in purchasing their iPad should direct inquiries to

Can I use the iPad for things not related to Hastings College?

You bet! We want you to use your device in any way that supports (legally!) your activities and time as a student. Stream movies, make music, play games and FaceTime your family and friends (they miss you!) - consider it your device and make it a part of your HC experience,

What am I not allowed to do on my device?

Use of the iPad falls under our acceptable use agreement and network user agreement. Banned actions include trying to jailbreak or otherwise remove the mobile device management system on the device, and installing alternate app stores or using the device for illegal activities. Complete guidelines can be found in the Student iPad Responsibility Agreement.

What makes a Hastings College iPad different from a personally-owned device?

We know you may own another iPad or tablet, but the iPad you get at HC is different than any of your personally owned devices. While it has many of the same freedoms, the iPad you receive from HC includes additional security and a selection of apps made available to you free of charge as an HC student.

What if I already have an iPad or Android tablet - see above!

Can I take my iPad home over breaks - specifically over Summer term?

Depending on your full-time or part-time status, and whether or not you’ve registered for the next term, you might be able to. For example, if you’re registered for the upcoming term as a full-time student, you may keep your iPad over the break.

How can I learn more about how to use my iPad?

We have resources available online, through Apple and with campus engagement and course opportunities.

Will my iPad have a data plan?

No - our models are Wifi only - you’ll have no issues connecting on campus - both inside and out - thanks to our recent network upgrade. You can also join any other network at your favorite coffee shop, airport or friend’s house.

Can I install my own apps?

Yes - with your US Apple ID you may download and install any apps you already own or choose to purchase.

Do I have insurance on the iPad?

We purchased AppleCare+ for each iPad which will cover up to two non-warranty repairs over three years. See further details on AppleCare+ here. You will be responsible for the $49 payment on each submitted repair. There is no insurance coverage on the Apple Pencils - they are your responsibility to replace if lost or damaged.

Can I print from my iPad?

You bet - while we encourage staying digital, you can send print jobs directly with AirPrint from your iPad to our campus network printer queues.

Can I Jailbreak the iPad?

Please don’t - we’d hate to invoke the student use agreement and take it away.

Can I sell my iPad?

Once you leave campus and if ownership has been transferred to you, yes you can. Until then, the management software will prevent anyone other than you from using the device.

Will iPads be used in all classes?

We’ve encouraged our faculty, coaches and engagement staff to incorporate the use of the iPad into their curriculum, teams and student experience.

Are all my books on the iPad?

Some blocks you might have all digital textbooks, depending on the faculty selection as well as publisher formats - other terms you might have all physical rentals.

What information is being gathered by Hastings College through my iPad?

We will not be monitoring your day-to-day activities on your iPad. The mobile device management system does collect data on the apps that are installed on your iPad but does not provide data on when, where, or how those apps are used. HC does monitor all network traffic and the mobile device management system will have the ability to alert us if you do something illegal, try to jailbreak your device, or download an app not found in the official Apple App Store. If we are alerted to these activities we will notify you and reset or disable your device.

How does Hastings College help secure my iPad?

We will require a set of basic safety precautions (including a pin) through our management software. We also recommend that you enable both Face ID and ‘Find my iPad’ using your Apple ID.

I wasn’t able to pick up my iPad during deployment day, how can I get it?

Contact the IT HelpDesk to set up an appointment. We’ll need an appointment to confirm device availability as well as at least 15-20 minutes of time to get you set up.

I need accommodations

Contact to talk with our accommodations team.

I’m leaving Hastings College, what do I do with my iPad and Pencil and charger?

Leaving during the day - bring your iPad to the IT Helpdesk for check-in. Leaving after hours - contact Campus Safety.

My iPad was lost, stolen or broken

Contact Campus Safety and the IT Helpdesk immediately. You can check-out a temporary replacement bundle from the HelpDesk and if you haven’t recovered your lost device, after the temporary period has expired, you will be issued a second device and charged in full for the first, lost device. Lost or damaged Apple Pencils are the student's responsibility and, if the student wishes to replace, can be purchased through the Bookstore or Apple directly.

I found an iPad, Pencil or charger

Contact the IT Helpdesk - we can help reconnect the device, Pencil and/or accessories with their person.